Lure of Macabre

The lure of the macabre

Entices the soul to participate

In the lurid dance of nadir world

A ritual of decadent thinking

Twisting the entire narrative

Written with jagged edges

To bleed life with every laceration

A tyrant opposition wants to usurp

The kingdom of peace

Lure of the macabre is intense

Minds are seduced to surrender

Waiting for comeuppance©

2 thoughts on “Lure of Macabre

  1. Amit,
    I didn’t understand this poem. Are you talking about a book about horror ?
    I cannot write poems but often try to read and understand poetry because I do wish I could write poems too. I know that you write extremely good, meaningful poems. This poem has a deeper meaning I think and I could not get it. Please could you explain ?


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