Walking the Winter Nights

Winter nights unleashes a challenge for the soul. Winter says, “I have come here to stay. Dare you to explore the winter night and stay awake, till dawn clears the fog.”

The daredevil heart decides to accept the challenge and walk the city streets through the night. Without a care in the world, the vagabond, oblivious of sleep and comfort of the warm bed, decides to wander aimlessly.

Traveler decides to soak in the late city night and as winter nights does not hold many souls out there, it becomes deserted sooner than expected.

Finally, the busy city wears a somber look and the traveler becomes aware of the detailed silhouettes. Some streets and roads will be discovered, which remains anonymous during the busy day.

These streets are less frequented and are forcibly carved out as by lanes. They may lead to a cul-de-sac or to a deserted area of the city which the traveler thought never existed.

Deeper into the night, as the temperature drops further, there is extra warmth in the soul. The heart beats faster, pumping blood furiously through your veins. This phenomenon instills faith in the vagabond to feel free from the captives of the world.

The streets, adorned with the low-hanging branches of trees on both sides, bowing to the traveler. This is a ceremonial acknowledgment from nature and a salute to the vagabond.

Nature comes alive during the night, especially in the cities. During the hustle and bustle of the city life, nature seems to be stifled by the noise and pollution.

Today, the wintry night has a city dweller venture out to acknowledge its presence. Not out of compulsion, but free will, the city dweller wants to be acquainted with the night and nature.

As the night becomes intense, there are moments of complete silence other than the soft rustle of leaves; the occasional flapping of bird’s wings becomes more audible.

On the main roads, some heavy vehicles carrying supplies for the next day whizz past.

Legs are not yet tired and breathing in the winter air rejuvenates the soul. It gives a feeling of owning the city and this is a reconnaissance of the empire.

It’s late into the night and almost time for dawn to emerge from the other side and will be ready to awaken the city. It’s time for the traveler to head home, after the long tour. The traveler has to rest against the soft pillows to usher another day in his life.

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