No Momentum

The paces will slow down, gradually

We are driven by an illusion

Rushing through the outer rings

Revolving in a reverse direction

Contrary to the intended pace

We are caught in a vestibule of contradiction

Against each other’s thoughts, a fission

Small but powerful disruptive forces

Our speeches malafide by the mind

Prevailing malaise runs deep

Destroying the foundation of existence

Everything is in disarray

We are epitome of chaos 

Orderly chaos of the universe an undeciphered code 

Only to be deciphered by enlightened minds 

Momentum will slow down further, coming to a standstill 

Stopping in the tracks with jolting effect

Nothing will be remembered or sympathized for

Obliterated from the universe and its history©

2 thoughts on “No Momentum

  1. I think everyone I see or talk to today is in a depressed mood and this is reflected in their posts. Maybe it is because of the year going by or the fact that we are a year older, I too, join the gang of those who repent of the chaos that is in my life.


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