Power of Thoughts and Individuality

As an individual, although guided by the thoughts accepted by the masses, wants to create a unique identity, to distinguish the self. This can prove to be a paradox of existence.

The popular thoughts tried for ages and accepted, to give some semblance to the life we are following and compels an individual to follow. They make you part of the society and less of a rebel.

To carve a different path, contrary to the popular ones may seem to be a rebellious act. Although, many accepted norms are proving to be detrimental, they are still continued with.

This does not mean to come up with mindless rebellion to just to stand out or make a bold but more callous statement. On many occasions, the individual forgets the difference and goes on the path of disdain, without respecting the self. One loses integrity and stands out as an unconscionable being.

Rebelling against the self and the essence of life will not lead any individual towards success. One choosing the path of self-destruction and excesses will lead to a chaotic existence.

The unconventional ways of life though proven to be disastrous lure away many individuals with the false promise of individuality and give the taste of forbidden fame. These moments are short-lived and soon forgotten.

They cannot be celebrated or seen as ‘faulty geniuses’, and accepted as role models of the youth. There are many instances in society when such erratic behaviors are highlighted and lure the impressionable minds towards that path.

It is foolishness to be a rebel without a cause and any vision. An act of rebellion should be to dispel the myths that exist in society and show humanity the truth with constructive ideas and thoughts. Such thoughts will prove to be a reliable guideline and be relevant in any time.

It should be a passion to show humanity the wrongs and evolve from the predicament they are in. Human beings are capable of much more and can spend time comprehending life with seriousness. Brilliant the mind is, and we have to realize that it can be utilized to usher incredible success.

When the minds of true visionaries propose new ideas, they are rejected by society due to incomprehensible fear and also, the fear to change. The ideas are ahead of their times and the proponent is ostracized by society.

This is an act of true rebellion, with a cause; although, contrary to popular beliefs and prejudices hold truth and are sensible. They may not be accepted immediately, as no change is, but they will stand the test of time and will always remain relevant.

A mind which has found the path of true knowledge and wants to bring a positive change cannot be stopped. They always find solitude to be their world and take a pledge to burn the self to enlighten the world.

Such individuals are seen as mavericks but they have pioneering ideas to transform the mindset of humanity. These thoughts will give a new perspective to everyone, to realize the magnitude of this life.

Being ostracized by society and not being considered seriously is the destiny of many intellectuals. The truth is always harsh and living a lethal lie becomes the norm.

A world of conformity without questioning the veracity of the path, even to the point of mental servitude becomes a duty. Many give their misdemeanor a name and try to justify the acts. Citing examples and references to build an argument makes them sound knowledgeable, but proves to be weak. Such arguments crumble when met with counter views which consists original thoughts.

Citing examples and references to build an argument makes them sound knowledgeable, but proves to be weak. Such arguments crumble when met with counter views of original thoughts.

Read life carefully to come up with original inferences rather than quoting repetitively. The search of uncommon ideas which have been discarded by society because they proved to be too strong for weak souls.

Life is a medium through which an individual can learn a lot and evolve. It is also the path of self-realization, which provides focus to comprehend life.

Common purpose and goals of life may prove to be purposeless and the meaning of our success is materialistic. It holds no real value and just a means of survival. In the process, we are losing our identity and have merely become numbers.

Compared to the universe, our world is a speck and our relevance is even smaller, but our thoughts and actions are threatening the existence and identity.

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