Life- Its Events and Significance

Sometimes, the contrary outcomes in life turn out to be favorable. With a positive mindset, we already perceive an outcome most desirable to us. Without our knowledge, omnipresent time looks ahead in collaboration with time, to present us, with its own outcome.

At that particular moment, we may become demoralized due of the turn of events. Such occurrences in life may seem to be inimical for our progress, but in the long run, prove to be in our favor.

We become cynical about life when we want everything to happen our way; exactly the way we imagined, and at the desired moment.

When I look back, I am grateful for some of the things that never materialized the way I had planned. Now, when I analyze those events, it makes sense to me.

Society teaches us to plan for everything and draw up a flowchart of itineraries. Let’s face it, life is not a journey that will materialize according to our plans all the time. I feel, it is good to be organized and be prepared for the opportunities that life may offer and not be too impulsive.

We often forget that life has chosen us for a reason and it has some plans for us. Our education system and mental conditioning, over the ages, allow us to be impatient.

We are always driven by excessive wants and never allow life to execute its plans. We try to override life’s pace and create a hectic race; it leaves us exhausted and prompts our caustic attitude towards life.

It may not make sense all the time, but when you are patient and wait, life will not slow down for you. Life has its own pace and we do not give ourselves time, to synchronize with that. Our modern lifestyle or for that matter humanity’s approach to life is contradictory.

We vehemently deny and gloss over our insecurities and faults. We aspire to outgrow life and almost become obsessive with the idea to taking control of everything.

It is impossible to deny the presence of cosmic forces that are beyond our comprehension and neglect the plans of the universe. It may seem too philosophical or even outrageous to the scientific temperament. Nature does have a greater design and plan for us.

We tend to believe in the phantom idea of humanity’s ill-founded belief that we can control everything.

Even our ideas of ‘liberalism’ and ‘freedom’ come from a faulty premise. We do not put much thought and use the two words in a callous manner. Every day, trying to execute these ideas, we are becoming captive to a destructive lifestyle.

Our idea of fortune, success, and status in life is nothing but our projection of ignoramus mindsets. We can neither hold on to time not to this life and manufacture life according to our will.


12 thoughts on “Life- Its Events and Significance

  1. There is a Spanish phrase: el hombre propone y Dios dispone — meaning, we may think that things are right, but God decides which way to take us. 🙂

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