When True Love Fades Away

The aura of hastened love fades away before you can experience the essence of true love. You build a world of love with expectations, merely driven by the worldly pleasures. The inspiration comes from a fallacious source and not from the soul. Soon, you start masquerading with a false identity and consoling yourself to have found love. Hiding behind the reasoning, social expectations, and compromises. … Continue reading When True Love Fades Away

Meaningless Existence

Speak not only of the existence Spill not the words unnecessarily And empty the heart of feelings Only eloquent words are not enough Knowing is not experiencing Choose the path of relevance It is there but abandoned Complaining and crying about life Misery is sought by indecisive mind Following the empty lure You are frantically moving but motionless  Running after the clamorous Travails of the travesty … Continue reading Meaningless Existence

Eternal Lesson of Life

Following time is laborious For the eternal beings we are Our fleeting journey between Different realms of the universe We bloom and wither Only to bloom again with life Let’s not scramble for space When eternity is our abode Let the mind wander free To gather all the knowledge Journey begins from the soul Thou hearken the words of wisdom Drink from the chalice of … Continue reading Eternal Lesson of Life