Meaningless Existence

Speak not only of the existence

Spill not the words unnecessarily

And empty the heart of feelings

Only eloquent words are not enough

Knowing is not experiencing

Choose the path of relevance

It is there but abandoned

Complaining and crying about life

Misery is sought by indecisive mind

Following the empty lure

You are frantically moving but motionless 

Running after the clamorous

Travails of the travesty of life

Enticed into an unnatural world

Every day becomes laborious

An existence without meaning

Unawakened soul falls for avarice

Life becomes a feeble shadow©

7 thoughts on “Meaningless Existence

      1. Was referring to your poem and agreed with it. Eloquent words when uttered without meaning (like how most of our politicians do) don’t make much sense. Also to know something is very different from actually experiencing it.


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