When True Love Fades Away

The aura of hastened love fades away before you can experience the essence of true love. You build a world of love with expectations, merely driven by the worldly pleasures. The inspiration comes from a fallacious source and not from the soul.

Soon, you start masquerading with a false identity and consoling yourself to have found love. Hiding behind the reasoning, social expectations, and compromises.

When you run towards the physical, you are destined to stay away from the inner sanctum of love. The secret of pure feelings and the consciousness elude you.

Experiencing the weakened condition of love becomes a superficial experience. It is nothing but a hallucinatory phase which withers away and uprooted due to its weakness. You are denied the profound experience of love and the mind loses interest in love at the slightest turbulence.

Feeble attraction from the soul and denying the self an experience of true love, the heart and mind lean towards the aspect of physicality. Such superficial attraction leads to anxiety, mental trauma, ill-health, and overall exhaustion in life.

Love becomes a competition and there is an increasing desire to live an unrestricted life, which gives the feeling of pseudo-freedom.  You start living an illusion and consider it to be true, thus, overriding the pure essence of love.

Minds are manipulated in the name of love and driven towards brief phases of lusty amusement. The mind and the body are traumatized and depressive moods set in.

A journey once started with the anticipation of wild revelry, turns out to be a veneer, hiding a host of lies. Lies, lived again and again is emulated and adopted by the naive heart. True love becomes an enigma and heart loses faith in it. There is not true desire to walk the path of true love, anymore.

8 thoughts on “When True Love Fades Away

    1. I appreciate you more than I can express. You’ve been a bright light in 2015! Always inspiring and encouraging me. We all are blessed to be able to read your words ❤️
      2016 will be the best year so far! Wishing you love, health, peace, and laughter in the new year! ✨❤️✨

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      1. I love the positive aura that surrounds your words and the brilliance of your soul shines through. My best wishes, encouragement, and blessings are always with you and may 2016 be a year of positivity and change that will take you to more success in life. This is my wish for you in the New Year. 🙂 ♥♥

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