Blogging and More Blogging

The Blogging, end of Semester Report Cards are distributed. Well, I chose not to look at it. I hated school and then reluctantly had to complete University.

If that was not enough, where performance reports were displayed, to feel humiliated with those marks. I never really cared for Report Cards. At least, I have the freedom to choose what to do with it. Let the Report card be and concentrate on writing.

Freedom to write and the wonderful friends from around the world whom I met through this blogging world is the best thing that have happened to me in 2015.

Here’s to all the bloggers, keep writing, in fact, write generously and have a huge volume of manuscripts. Yes, please do not forget to read my work too. 🙂

Without the report card and the freedom to write and express our creativity let’s usher another year 2016 with much fervor. All the best to everyone!

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