Change and New Beginning

When our actions lead to discontentment

The void within feels heavy with loneliness

Often, we fail to see with our eyes

And go through this life due to a habit

Doing the chores and everyday errands

We are living a routine without much pondering

Our voices become feeble while expressing our thoughts

And join the chorus at the highest decibel

There is a pleasure in not being heard and seen

Exercising a drill designed for humanity to follow

Shying away for fear of being perceived as different-

Ideologies, thoughts, and plans; away from prejudices

Life becomes a regime and a duty to perform

Influenced by the everyday constraints

There is a sense of apathy

Drowning in despair and complaining

Our words contradict the heart and soul

The inner world held to a vow of secrecy

Waiting for everyone to change

That day may never come but the journey will end©

7 thoughts on “Change and New Beginning

  1. I often think these exact same things. I am a thinker, a dreamer, a questioner. I feel we need to regularly look deeper, usually living only on the surface. I have an intention to find more friends who come from this perspective, to have those deep heady conversations that I love so much! I do have these friends, just looking to extend the pool.
    Also looking forward to reading more of your thought provoking words.

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  2. Amit,
    This is a positive poem- you talk about how we take life for granted and do the same things over and over again, as creatures of habit. And in the end, you conclude that we live hoping to change ourselves when others change and perhaps that day may never come, and our waiting will end, when our life ends.
    I like interpreting poems or trying to find out what the poet wants to say- not having the talent to write poems, this has been my endeavour.
    I hope you are not offended my my comments and questions to you on your poems, because I hope to learn from you.

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