Pure Ideas

An idea in the purest form takes time to find and even longer to take shape and character. Such an idea strikes the mind which has embraced solitude but is aware of the incidents and different phases of the universe and intergalactic communication.

It is the subliminal mind which is in an intense state of awareness. This mind overrides the conscious mind, which is aware of the visible world. The conscious mind derives its perception from what the eyes capture and also what the other senses encapsulate.

This unique perception is actually a filtered version of myriad other perceptions and arrives at the most plausible conclusion at that point in time and which the inner sentiments support.

Whereas, an idea in its purest form is a rare occurrence, and the subliminal mind wanders extensively through imagination due to a heightened sense of awareness and self-realization. To give imagination the impetus and energy requires determined focus and a pure mind with clarity.

Such ideas are rare and possess immense value. Only an enlightened mind and soul can control the magnitude of such an idea. The origin of this idea is unknown or it could be due to intergalactic shifts where an enormous amount of energy is exchanged. It is possible that such a pure idea emanates from the core of universe’s energy.

A rare idea in its purest form has to be studied with care and nurtured over a period of time. It is a silent meditation to give shape and character to the idea before it is proposed to Nature.

Such an idea take time to percolate through the ecosystem and become a part of the numerous channels of communication present in nature. When first induced in the harmonic state of the present time, it takes time for the idea to be internalized.

The synergy of the moment has to identify the alien code and decipher the core to simplify the meaning. Such pure ideas will come to a mind which is attuned to the harmony and turbulence- the forced behind the orderly chaos in the universe. The core idea of the chaos is waiting to be deciphered by the mind which seeks relentlessly.

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