Life of Concrete World

This concrete world is a manifestation of our dreams. It started with one single dream which branched out with the addition of many more. Slowly, creating an ecosystem of dreams; substantiated and realized by the various formations that exist and many which have perished due to nature’s wrath or consumed by time.

Every particle available in different combinations and state gives shape to the dreams. Whether the dreams are, positive or distorted, only time will prove.

Growing exponentially, throughout the ages, the world has seen many formations and destructions; the parallel world of our endeavor continues to thrive.

All this may have taken root in one unknown point in time and now spreads across land masses, creating a parallel world beneath our feet. We look at the branches and the fruition of the dreams.

If the concrete world is a manifestation of our dreams and they are birthed from a pulsating mind, they do have life. The extensive planning and layouts and the angles of our perceptions come to life through various structures that come into existence.

The concrete world has an intricate network, which grows bigger and different schools of thought have contributed to their designs. The scope of the designs has reached difficult terrains and almost challenges the natural contours of nature.

It is a pluralistic existence which created a significant identity in the parallel world. Over the years, the concrete world exhibits a modern makeover, a massive contrast to the classical epoch.

Now the designs boast of nihilism (considering this to be the ultimate truth). We believe in a reality that we can see and touch and unknowingly discard the origin of the historical dream.

The dream that was planted by an unknown energy and from the unrealized part the universe is slowly weakening due to induced reality. Maybe the contradictions see an expanding chasm and there is bound to be a conflict between the pure and manipulated thoughts.

We are now at a transition phase between reality and manufactured reality, thus effecting a sweeping change to the ecosystem of the parallel world.

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