The Mind and Possibilities

Consider, mind to be a blueprint of the miniature version of the universe. There are many galaxies and the cosmic world encapsulated in the design.

We do not realize, that the mind, although, a part of our body, can represent the entire cosmic realm. A world conjured by a magical and intense magnitude that manifests the eternal concept of existence.

The body, which is transient, and becomes part of the universe after a fleeting existence, holds this eternal world. There is an unexplained contradiction between the two- a body holds and nurtures the blueprint of an eternity.

We always think the mind to be a part of the body and will cease to exist when the lifetime is over. On further consideration, we can ponder over the mind’s journey beyond that end.

In our lifetime, we do not use the entire capacity of the mind, as we are not fully aware of its complexity and immense possibilities. We remain unaware of the power it holds, as we do not know the path to reach its core.

Throughout our life, we are more aware of our body and we serve its needs. We allow this hectic life to eclipse the core senses. Our vision and hearing capabilities are not used to their full potential. In the process, we receive mixed signals as there is no coordination between the senses.

Our vision gets influenced by the regular and objects we experience every day. Tactile powers are enhanced and we miss the subtle things that exist around us. We develop selective hearing, based on the kind of sentiments we are comfortable with or does not threaten our beliefs.

We can say our senses are used at their basic capacity and do not evolve with time; our subliminal mind remains dormant and some signs are conveyed in the form of dreams (mostly vague and not comprehensive).

We live between contrasting worlds of limitlessness and another, a serf to time. Our life starts with the initiation of sounds, gestures, and words; before we move on to learn a language in its entirety. In this scenario of living up to the world, we do not have time to realize the true potential of the mind.

We carry a world of eternal possibilities which can impact or change the future even beyond our existence. The body does not survive time but the mind does, and so do the ideas and thoughts.

If we find the equilibrium to balance our body and mind and bring them to an alignment or harmony, we can achieve wonders. We need to nullify the intrinsic and extrinsic distractions.

We are easily lured by the matters of inadequate importance and find it difficult to embrace the path of dedication and rigor. We barely spend time navigating through the possibilities of the mind and try to lose ourselves in the wonderful labyrinth. As we create a reality that does not hold importance in the long run and mostly loses value rapidly.

9 thoughts on “The Mind and Possibilities

  1. Wow very interesting and well put. I am dyslexic and even as an adult it still is difficult for me to understand a lot of things I read. But I keep trying no matter how long it takes me. I never allow myself to believe I can’t do something because I am dyslexic. I just tell myself I haven’t got it yet but I will. I am still learning the ways of my own mind and my ability. And reading things like this keeps me motivated. Thank you for sharing 😊

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    1. Morgan, I am happy that you found this write useful. Well, nothing is a hurdle when you make up your mind. We are all given different abilities and being positive in life can excel in it. Stay blessed. 🙂


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