11 thoughts on “New Perspective

  1. People do tend to see and live in it too much when they feel lonely.
    In my humble crazy opinon, being in solitude is just of life, in intervals.

    Now I will call you the ” Grand Master” of, poetry striking human understanding.


    1. Solitude should not be chosen just because of melancholic reasons but should be a haven where human understanding and ideas of the world take shape, much beyond the existing one and to portray a powerful manifestation of what can be. This space should be a comfort zone resulting in an alignment with the self and the universe.


      1. Got it, you di me go to search in the dictionar,pain in the a…s, should be ashamed of yourself for putting me through that, anyways it was “elocuently”,and tha is how it is spelled,aaaaaaaaaaaha!

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