Society and Peace

Everyone desires peace and humanity have been struggling to find the right balance to maintain a peaceful existence in society.

The journey has been tumultuous so far and although the notions of peace have been spoken about by seers and philosophers, the aggressive nature and undesirable ambitions have overridden the established rule of peace.

We have seen even a beautiful feeling like love replete with tales of jealousy, aggression, and revenge. Many wars have been fought in the name of love and love could not rise above the savage pleasures of acquiring a prize; thus, objectifying the very essence of love.

The concept of faithfulness and being true to love, or even speaking about true love receives flak from the hormonally inspired aggressive behavior; trying to prove the bravado and superiority over everyone.

This is one colossal mistake, which comes from the idea of ‘survival of the fittest’ and the race to win with brawns, rather than brains.

In the present society, with modernization, things have mellowed down a bit but taken over by many psychological manipulations through passive nihilism and other forms of coercive behavior to establish hegemony.

There is always so much rage all around us. Minor conflicts erupt to mammoth differences and results in offensive behavior. The first level of defense becomes the offense. Even children, pick up the traits from the conduct of the society and continues with the same mindset.

Any abuse starts with self- abusive and self-depreciating thoughts which vitiate the mind to such an extent that it spills over in the behavioral pattern, inflicting pain to others. Then it proceeds to self-harm and eventually becomes a psychological issue that requires counseling and therapy.

Delinquent behavior and sadist mindsets have been around in society throughout human history. Literate or illiterate, human minds are capable of coming up with despicable behavior. We see abuse of power or bullying in life every day.

We start living an aberration and when it goes beyond our control it becomes impossible eradicating or correct such thoughts and behavior, jeopardizing many lives and relationships.

Such violent conduct and life without any introspection leads towards the path of perdition and sometimes young lives are lost. Troubled grown-ups are struggling with their own demons and society puts pressure with their own tactics that the situation to such an extent, it becomes a cause of concern.

Instead of facing the demons and choosing corrective measures, they start blaming society (which is responsible no doubt), family, and resign to the circumstances.

This defeatist approach continues and weakens the social fabric. When we have more disoriented people who cannot contribute in building a positive environment in society, we are looking at a major problem.

We become habitual offenders and although we may try to come out, we are unable to do so. Life becomes a saga of apologies, but the deeply entrenched negative philosophies are unwilling to leave.

Again, we fail to find peace or a sustainable environment of growth, positivity, love, and happiness. Repentance becomes the underlying sentiment of existence, with the past and present, both contributing to the situation.

The malaise has afflicted society at large and penetrated deep within the psyche, without a possible remedy in sight. We have accepted this as our fate and do not have the knowledge and acumen to rectify. Words of psychologists, philosophers, and seers are derided.

We have reached a point where we are afraid to be happy and prefer to remain in a state of melancholy. The providence is deeply etched in the psyche of humanity.


9 thoughts on “Society and Peace

  1. Great write!! Detailed and all encompassing… However, this is exactly where I think the problem lies… ( nothing against the writing) we need to own the issue one person at a time..we are the components of society.. Society can not attain and feel peace.. It’s you and me.. Do you think we’d have an issue if we met? No because we own our right to our own piece of peace and if we come together the piece gets larger… Most people look to the environment to reflect how they feel.. We need to figure out how to feel peace in the middle of the mess and reflect it out…
    Just my experience of sorting my own life out..
    Enjoying your stimulating blog immensely …

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    1. Taruna, thank you for sharing your perspective, where you have touched upon some important aspects. At a personal level change is required to desire the peace we want, but we can also try to make a difference one person at a time. But this is only possible, when society accepts there is a problem. Most of the chaos arises due to the fact, that we live in denial.

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      1. Very true.. And when the problem is acknowledged people think someone else will take care of the problem … Denial, lack ownership/responsibility… A lot to think about ..

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      2. Everyone one is waiting for someone else to change and then follow… it’s an endless cycle. The problem is we have become good followers or imitators and like to live in comparisons.


  2. It really makes you think – do people actually want peace ?
    I have lived 46 years in this world and am generally peace loving but there comes times, when even I have to let myself go . So perhaps it is how we are made and as man evolves, perhaps he will cherish eternal peace more than conflict.


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