Lost Essence of Love

Strong desires, mistaken for love To venture into an unknown adventure Without the grace and love’s brilliance Just an escapade through blind alleys A dream that carries the seeds of woes Delusional hearts want a moment’s pleasure Soon the truth will dawn The soul and heart will crouch in agony Leaving a pulsating pain all over  A delusional world plays with love Distorting it with the … Continue reading Lost Essence of Love

Final Deliverance

When you enter the phase of last bargain No real arguments to share When senses become useless there are no options Standing at the final throes after, battling despair Without any attempt to find truth or choose the right avenues Wrapped in layers of fabrications An aspiration to master creation to alter the course Live beyond time to fulfill desires such dreams never realized Only … Continue reading Final Deliverance

Writer’s Journey

Writing is an extension of the inner self; the innermost thoughts eloquently expressed in words, forming imagery worth reflecting upon. A soul pours itself to reveal the truth. In this pure form of self-expression, the writer is expected to be truthful to the core. The imaginations, along with the different moods reveal the design of each sentence. Trail of thoughts run through the writer, carrying … Continue reading Writer’s Journey

The Colors and Narrative

If the canvas did not love the colors Did not offer to blend Leaving patches of crusty lumps Smudges of colors flaking off A painting it was to be Will reveal the cracks and weak bonds An idea from the soul Should cohesively unite with harmony Paintings with words and colors Vivid images of the truthfulness of dreams Portraying the blend of love Every pore filled … Continue reading The Colors and Narrative