Writer’s Journey

Writing is an extension of the inner self; the innermost thoughts eloquently expressed in words, forming imagery worth reflecting upon. A soul pours itself to reveal the truth.

In this pure form of self-expression, the writer is expected to be truthful to the core. The imaginations, along with the different moods reveal the design of each sentence.

Trail of thoughts run through the writer, carrying the message from every particle and existence of the self. The pen becomes an extension of the hand, lending you the most powerful tool to express the thoughts without inhibitions.

When the tip of the pen touches the blank page, there is an unseen bond forged; one of trust, between the writer and the page. It is the responsibility of the writer to honour the purity and sanctity of the offering.

The blank page willingly surrenders to the writer, trusting with the thoughts that will flow; enabling the writer to express every nuance in detail.

Every blank page is sacred and the soul awakens to the occasion to concentrate on the meditation. Writing with purity and enabling the flow of pure emotions through words.

The writer’s perception and myriad reflections are captured in their true persona. The mind, a variegated landscape erupts in pure happiness.

Imaginations go beyond the known and penetrate the veil of mystery to discover an interesting and unrealized world. From these spaces come revelations of pure knowledge.

This knowledge is nurtured in the mind of the writer, refining them with deep introspection and philosophy; forming the core of beautiful thoughts.

It is perhaps the most fulfilling journey by the writer, living a life beyond life, which is portrayed in the writings. From the secret sojourns, the writer conjures such brilliant thoughts to express eloquent ideas.

The blank page waits patiently for the writer to return with many such stories. It will offer itself willingly to chronicle the wonderful storytelling that will enthrall the readers.

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