Sankalp-A Pledge To Change (NGO)

Inspired by my last post on Education and the transformation that is required to create a conducive environment to make it accessible to children from all strata of life. Vivek Kumar has asked me to put a word for the brilliant work their NGO have been doing. They are running an NGO named Sankalp (check out their website here) in Jamshedpur, India. From a humble beginning, in 2007 one … Continue reading Sankalp-A Pledge To Change (NGO)

Travel with a Purpose

Thou not travel looking for an escape With a chaotic inner world A dream to release the repressed feelings To be lost as a wanderer A directionless journey in the beauteous world For you cannot do justice by being unmindful With a mind drawn within and coiled tightly A desire to escape the fabricated reality Spilling the air with pernicious thoughts Vitiating the pristine beauty … Continue reading Travel with a Purpose

Reading, an Enjoyable Experience

The taste for fine and exclusive literature develops over a period of time. The reader has to be patient enough to look for one and treasure it as a valuable asset. Excellent literature is to be savored slowly, pondering over each sentiment with careful consideration. The writer anticipates and gathers the exotic flavors to blend it into the genre of literature which is to be … Continue reading Reading, an Enjoyable Experience


Attraction can be a fallacy Forming a perception A visually crafted persona Reflecting the inner phenomenon In an exalted state of mind Overflowing with desires Contrary to the true dimensions That remains inconspicuous A mind’s disproportionate projection Brings out the dominant traits of the self Through the prism of an opiate imagination Assembling the outside image According to the guidance of superficial consciousness Later, to be … Continue reading Attraction