Sankalp-A Pledge To Change (NGO)

Inspired by my last post on Education and the transformation that is required to create a conducive environment to make it accessible to children from all strata of life.

Vivek Kumar has asked me to put a word for the brilliant work their NGO have been doing.

They are running an NGO named Sankalp (check out their website here) in Jamshedpur, India.

From a humble beginning, in 2007 one of the seniors, Shivendra Sir floated the idea of teaching poor kids from underprivileged sections free of cost. The initiative took shape and by 2010, it became a full-fledged organization with around 100 students, 20 volunteers. All these kids some of the poorest strata of our society and get free of cost education at our centers.

They have innovative ways to make education fun and as the same time makes learning possible in an easy way. Please go and check out the effort to give education to the less fortunate kids, to ensure they have a bright future and contribute to society’s development. Sankalp blog, check it out here.

Thank You.

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