Shadow in Pursuit

Chased by the shadow You resemble an apparition Running away from light In fear of facing the shadow Entering a pitch black phase There is comfort living in obscurity Feeling with your hands To ensure the presence of you Swimming along the tides Completely exhausting journey ahead Running away is search of darkness To deceive the shadow Unknowingly, the shadow lurks within Manipulating the mind … Continue reading Shadow in Pursuit

Confined by Thoughts

The army of thoughts Guarding the mind like sentinels Giving orders to the mind A barrage of unwarranted diktats Subservient mind cannot think Unaware of the feelings The barren heart can feel no more Showing the emotions To mollify the powerful influences The heart and souls seek an escape From the hardened mould Paradise without the bloom There is no aroma of life Induced thinking … Continue reading Confined by Thoughts

The Enigma of Future

The future, a labyrinth Lures you in its phantom guise Inch by inch, your entire presence Reminding your past Stirring up your present Future sneaks in We live in anticipation Present transforms into the future Cloaked in the unknown Stealthily at night You cross over the fence For you to reveal the fate As you pass through the day Sifting through the various events A poet … Continue reading The Enigma of Future