Education- To Empower Humanity

Education should be liberating and encourage you to indulge in critical thinking, and give you the confidence to venture out to seek new ideas.

Education must not teach conformity with a blindfold and train you to take orders and face the ignominy of following the herd aimlessly. They are shepherded by unrealistic desires and ambitions, by minds hardened by laborious conditioning.

Let not education become a tedious and undesirable process to learn forcibly. It is expected to believe in any existing theories and written words (irrespective of their credibility), which dulls the minds further.

Institutionalized education has lowered the aspirations of enthusiastic minds. Today, education is driven by a motive- the motive to create minds for certain jobs and roles (which are mostly repetitive) which lack innovation, and later, all dreams and ambitions are restricted by regressive organizational cultures.

Many theories are debunked and ideas becoming repetitive. It is time to have more liberated minds, brave enough to think and come up with new ideas.

Thinking should not be a mere reflection on the current possibilities or contained within the demarcated boundaries.  To have a better future and improve the current predicament, we need original ideas which can empower. We are now coming up with technologies and an environment which is not sustainable for a longer period of time.

It is only possible if we create a more inclusive atmosphere and involve every mind on this planet. Education should not be the prerogative of the chosen few.

Affordability of holistic education needs to be promoted and a priority, as every nation should be at par in education.  Diverse thinking and new ideas can come from anywhere and we may be losing out on this opportunity by making education unaffordable.

The worst form of discrimination is to alienate eager minds from the process of quality education and shape their dreams. Again, I am not talking about education that is restrictive and motive driven.

It is time to walk a new path, as any transformation takes time. Eroding the deep-rooted prejudices and convincing the hardened minds take time and effort.

Such minds who formulate this path of education need to be convinced of a more constructive means of education. We need to invest in human minds and have the entire world full of priceless assets to enrich the progress of humanity.

Real education makes one humble. Today’s education creates humbugs who talks in jargons and about Return On Investment (ROI) on their education. They are entirely driven by the monetary aspects and the ambition to make a career, at any cost. The death of education is palpable and its effectiveness in shaping positive mindsets is questionable.

If we continue with suppressing and conditioning of minds, we will be bereft of real talent in the future to solve more complicated hurdles. Let’s show them the path that leads towards real education and let them wander free. There is vast knowledge to be acquired which can empower humanity.

We have faltered in evaluating education in percentages and in doling out educational degrees. Obtuse behavior reflects the failure of education and we do not want such minds to be at the helm of affairs and taking decisions.

Intelligent minds should be kindled by positive education and should be humble enough to empower others in the future. It’s time we rediscover the value of education for the advancement of humanity.

18 thoughts on “Education- To Empower Humanity

  1. “The worst form of discrimination is to alienate eager minds from the process of quality education and shape their dreams.” This idea is so important. At our NGO Sankalp based in Jamshedpur, we are trying to do promote education among underprivileged. Check my blog on Sankalp:

    It will really be helpful if you could spread the word about us. 🙂

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  2. Amit
    You make many valid points.
    It is true the current education system creates automatons, people who are trained similarly, think similar and are not encouraged to blossom- to ask questions is an abomination.
    Again I am reminded of Tagore’s poem- Where the mind is without fear…I would like to imagine our schools and colleges to be places where free thinking is encouraged and the sole purpose of education being the quest for truth ( even the teacher might not know the truth and that is ok).
    I agree that education seems to be restrictive rather than inclusive and that only those that can afford to pay can enter the higher escutcheons of learning.

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    1. I hope educationists will see reason and remodel the education system and also make it affordable and not keep away bright minds from it. Of course, free thinking and asking the right questions should be encouraged. Ot it will have a domino effect.

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