Literature- Words and Feelings

It makes me think if we have all the words to expresses our feelings in their purest form. Even the vocabulary which we have with the synonyms and antonyms in the Thesaurus are not enough sometimes.

From sign language to the words and then numerous spoken languages (let’s not forget those languages which are spoken by very few people of an ancient community or tribe), which is not in the popular domain, humanity has made a long journey.

Some languages are not written and are passed on orally. In the midst of this vast ocean of languages, we are still searching for ways to communicate effectively.

Evolving with time, the words in their present form and usage may have deviated from the original etymology. I am not getting into the history of language, as it is a vast subject for discussion and research.

I was debating in my mind, whether, body language or the involuntary cues that we signal, a purer form of communication. We do not have time to refine it (although, body language and mannerisms can be altered with practice) and also expressed in real time.

When we speak or write, we process (refine) the feelings and enhance it to make it effective and also add subtle paraphernalia to communicate emphatically.

Even in the case of painting and drawings, it is a representation of vivid imagination and ideas of the artist want to portray. It may not be an authentic representation and contrary to the innermost feelings of the artist.

Literature is both real and fictional, sometimes, a combination of both. A plot may originate from reality or from an unknown inspiration of the writer. Experimental literature has innovative thoughts and does not conform to conventional forms.

The writer gives legitimacy to an alien inspiration and explains the surreal feelings and ideas, with right usage of language. This is where the acumen and effectiveness of the writer emerge, thus portraying the creative finesse.

Most of the time, life’s everyday experiences are given a creative twist to paint an excellent imagery.

Literature is an eternity and it is the dream of any writer to gather as much knowledge in an entire lifetime. Throughout the centuries classics and literature of highest quality have been written by the greatest writers, yet, there is still so much to be written and expressed.

Sometimes, I feel the exhaustive vocabulary, is not enough to explain some feelings and emotions. Humanity is yet to decipher the real meaning of some feelings, and such comprehension still eludes them.

Is there still a communication gap when it comes to literature? May be yes! The only solution, I feel, is to read more literature of the greats and also trust the true calling as a writer (or artist) to get more clues and come up with new revelations.

Classic literature has to be revisited, as they are shrines where a writer must go and pray for inspiration, to get some clarity. Not merely interpret what has been stated, but also the underlying sentiments that flow like an undercurrent.

Words will flow abundantly and we can express feelings and emotions with clarity when we become more aware of ourselves and also the universe.

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