The Original Design

The original design of the plan integrated every piece perfectly. The creator with an unparalleled imagination planned the magnificent design. It is visible from afar with the naked eye.

Intricate designs chiseled with fine craftsmanship, resulting in a stupendous display of subtle nuances. Planned with meticulous details, a backup design was also thought of and introduced as a parallel existence.

The parallel world is unknown and will be unveiled when time seems suitable. Every plan has a flaw, or if there isn’t one, it is introduced. Even eternity plans to redesign itself after annihilation before revealing the new design.

From one eternity to another, ushering new light. With that future plan in consideration, many complex senses were planted throughout the puzzle. Initially, mild and not entirely developed, they grew aware of the hidden instincts to become a force to reckon with.

With maturity came the desires to experiment and according to the plans, pave the path for destruction. The unbridled forces are growing exponentially. Running through the maze, the senses now, with a more powerful thought of redesigning and altering it.

From the initial stages of compromise, now the senses are at loggerheads with creating an authority with unnatural components. It has resulted in a mesh of interconnected chaos.

Newfound freedom with the lease from the idea to carry out the flaws, the journey has become unrestrained. This euphoria is slowly interfering with the harmony of existence.

Plotted across the design, teeming with sleepy consciousness, has resulted in a world of parallel consciousness to be the harbinger of obliteration. Time has cast a spell, blanketing the minds to follow the plan and at the same time, feel the sense of hegemony.

The parallel world will be revealed to the more evolved senses, after the trial of events and also taking into consideration not to repeat the errors.

Even a flawless design was not spared the ignominy of being eclipsed by the flaws, which will finally result in its ruination. The original puzzle still remains a puzzle. Hopefully, the parallel world will come with the explanations of the design.

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