Evening Beauty

The evening sky looks dreary

An unexpected haze cloaks the view

Have we knitted the cloak?

With yarns of distorted perceptions

A dull grey cover to obfuscate the brightness

Why fault the stars?

Burning eternally to sparkle in darkness

Our feeble effort to understand reality

Casts a shadow of gloom

A cumulative error of the multitude

Indistinct ideas have entwined with the fabric

Why punish the view?

Nature’s beauty, for those who wants to revel

Take the path of solitude

To sit under the evening sky, waiting in anticipation

Touch the canopy decorated with precious diamonds

Unrivalled wealth to bring true happiness

Let’s reach for the sky to remove the cloak 

The evening beauty cannot be compromised©

6 thoughts on “Evening Beauty

  1. We see reality dimly, because we are not fully immersed in glorious presence. Thus our perceptions are made cloudy. We exchange the infinite splendor of reality for a two dimensional, black and white photograph that washes out its effulgent radiance.

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