While Drinking Tea…

While enjoying a cup of tea in the evening, I was intrigued by the journey of the tea leaves. From the tea plantations, nurtured with care, plucked at the right time, the tea leaves are the cynosure.

The crown of the tea plants is carefully taken off and crafted with the ancient knowledge to capture the attention and taste buds of the tea drinkers from all over the world.

According to me, the entire process of preparing the tea leaves with care is an Art. They are pampered like the new-born baby and given devoted attention. It is like preparing a mythical blend with the knowledge passed on by the masters; only to rule the senses of the tea drinkers.

In fact, the aroma and flavor of a carefully prepared tea are mesmerizing, and the leaves guard them with a soft embrace. They curl up to provide a soft blanket to hold the original flavor.

Preparing tea is also an art, perfected over time. You become a connoisseur and aware of the exact timing to prepare the ‘tea liquor’; the color and aroma indicate the optimum flavor.

When you languidly swirl the ‘tea liquor’; generously infused with the secret elixir with unbelievable goodness the dormant taste buds get a fresh lease of life. The mind awakens with the fist sip. It’s pure bliss!

As you inhale the aroma and taste the flavor, the combination forms a formidable vortex; pulling you towards an exhilarating experience to taste the goodness of nature.

The tea leaves are a miracle, holding the misty air, aroma, and the sweet flavor of the soil. Drinking tea is like meditation, where your senses are in a state of bliss and you are so close to nature.

While writing this, I finished my second cup of tea.

16 thoughts on “While Drinking Tea…

  1. Truer words were never spoken.

    It starts with the search for a better tasting beverage, but sooner rather than later you will find yourself following what the Chinese call the Cha Dao, the Way of Tea, and you will be transformed into a poet, scholar, fanatic, monk, sage, and aesthete.

    Your home will contain at least three large cupboards full of tea, and tea making equipment. If you intend to be away from home for more than 1 day, you will find a place in your luggage for a small parcel of tea, because if you are safe in the knowledge that you will never be without a good cup of tea, then the world cannot harm you in any meaningful way…

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    1. Wonderful to hear from a tea connoisseur. 🙂 Actually, tea and writing somehow goes together, it inspires. For me, as I have mentioned, tea drinking and preparing process is like an experience. Thank you so much for reading my post and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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  2. oh.. it’s wonderful that your tea made a post on your blog..
    in between, in my childhood days, my grandmother told a story regarding the origin of tea. Once upon a time, a person was having a cup of hot water and then a leaf fell upon his glass. Further on tasting the water, he felt it good. He realized that it was the leaf which made it tasty. The journey of tea starts there..

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  3. oh my god, i almost have a craving of having a tea now after reading it!!!! 🙂 Specially for the fact that am a tea lover myself. It always lifts your spirit!! Lovely post my friend.
    “ek chai toh banti hai iss baat pe” (post pe) To good times!!! 🙂

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