Wish for Success

We all look for success. First and foremost on our mind, is to successfully navigate through this life. Hurdles or challenges, continuously created and thrown at us are born out of the choices being made by humanity, based on their level of consciousness.

Sometimes we do not choose but chosen by the circumstances and get pulled in, carrying the burden of a reluctant heart. We are powerless or incapable to decide and have to face the resulting consequences.

Whereas, when we do have the power and luxury to choose, we being the indecisive ones cannot choose correctly. We have been successful, through every generation of not learning from mistakes, of our own or the cumulative errors. We are becoming repetitive offenders.

Most of the time decisions are influenced by culture and the predominantly accepted norms of society. Do we really need to discuss individuality and the so-called liberal minds to choose and live life according to our will? You will get the answer reverberating in your mind right now.

Humanity has not had incredible success when it comes to choosing the right things. Not our fault, though we can, due to habit, chastise the entire universe for not giving us a clue about our purpose here.

We have created many avenues to get closer and whiff the superficial success we have designed; creating a bubble, which is constricting us every day.

Our definition of success lies in the numbers and percentages, which are arrived at, by some dubious methods of evaluating human happiness factor by some convoluted minds. We are successfully living up to these numbers.

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