View from a Room

Sitting in the middle of an empty room, the bare walls, like an empty canvas stare at me. The defined contours of the room seem to break the continuity. Here I am, contemplating to blur the lines and imagine a bigger canvas. The roof above creates a barrier between my mind and the vast expanse of nature. Let me concentrate, I may be able to … Continue reading View from a Room

In a Reflection

The reflection of the tree branches A softer contemplation of the strong appearance Ripples make the branches dance To the mild harmonious waves of nature A reflection captures the subtle aura within Portraying the classical side of life Water that flows through the branches From the roots to the tip, the journey of life Nurtured and infused with life Water’s refulgent heart reflects the mellow … Continue reading In a Reflection

Earth’s Song

Listen to the Earth’s song Wakes up the soul after night’s slumber The feet hastens to meet the morning Song erupts in colorful rapture An inner calling to immerse in the beauty Horizon’s calling tugs at the heartstrings Soul captivated by the pure bliss of love Bathed in benevolence and divine light Morning welcomes the cosmic thoughts Open your arms and seek to embrace the … Continue reading Earth’s Song