View from a Room

Sitting in the middle of an empty room, the bare walls, like an empty canvas stare at me. The defined contours of the room seem to break the continuity. Here I am, contemplating to blur the lines and imagine a bigger canvas.

The roof above creates a barrier between my mind and the vast expanse of nature. Let me concentrate, I may be able to permeate my thoughts through the barrier if I convince the particles to adjust and make room for thoughts to pass through. Interconnectedness allows me to scan the firmament for cosmic inspiration.

I draw in the contours of the walls and wrap them around like a ball of wool. Now, the canvas gets bigger, as the particles are in sync with my idea. The same room which felt constricting now gets bigger.

Now I will shift my focus on the floor. I have been putting my entire weight on it. How deep down can I travel, to reach the unexplored core of the Earth? I will have to barely be in contact with the floor and with a feather touch feel the floor, to allow me to see further.

The same room does not feel barren anymore and the entire universe is open for interpretation. Considering the fact, there are no boundaries, the mind in sync with the freedom of nature and I can expand my realm of consciousness.

Making room for different perspectives will allow me to envision the world from every dimension. Even a room cannot confine and restrict me from exploring the entire universe. It is important to be in sync with every particle of the universe and resonate with the frequency of the supreme energy.

This will awaken the universe within me and allow me to assimilate the knowledge of eternity. A journey from a bare room can be the beginning of an eternal journey of success. From a room, I can view the entire world.

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