A Lonely Traveler

When the traveler has chosen to deviate From the path of truth The bright light will become weak Eventually the aura of life will dwindle Leaving a smouldering wick Filling the soul with cloud of smoke Nebulous vision cannot see further Moments of neglect and no compassion Leaving a beggarly heart The fine fabric of life has become threadbare A shivering traveler with weakening will … Continue reading A Lonely Traveler

The Desire for Technology

Everyone who plays with technology or has the hegemonic desires to permeate it deep into the ecosystem of society does not possess a scientific mind. They are merely being calculating and ideating the economics and profitability. The ideas come from non-scientific minds, merely carried out or developed mechanically. Technology has become intrusive and also pushes them to an unassuming user base. Today’s technologies are collecting … Continue reading The Desire for Technology