A Lonely Traveler

When the traveler has chosen to deviate

From the path of truth

The bright light will become weak

Eventually the aura of life will dwindle

Leaving a smouldering wick

Filling the soul with cloud of smoke

Nebulous vision cannot see further

Moments of neglect and no compassion

Leaving a beggarly heart

The fine fabric of life has become threadbare

A shivering traveler with weakening will

Legs cannot carry the burden anymore

Its the forlorn path driven by lies

A bold dream has turned into a nightmare

Life has transformed into a sepia hue

The traveler is surrounded by silence and loneliness

There comes a time for repentance

But life is not willing to forgive

The wayward traveler has broken many hearts

Now drowning in their tears of remorse and pain

The traveler has deviated from truth

Left to wander alone without any hope©

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