The Desire for Technology

Everyone who plays with technology or has the hegemonic desires to permeate it deep into the ecosystem of society does not possess a scientific mind. They are merely being calculating and ideating the economics and profitability.

The ideas come from non-scientific minds, merely carried out or developed mechanically. Technology has become intrusive and also pushes them to an unassuming user base.

Today’s technologies are collecting behavioral patterns of users, urging them to over share and even coercing them to change the course of their life. These technologies are taking precedence over relationships and the sanctity of life itself.

The main idea is to proliferate into the societal ecosystem and veer our attention from the important aspects of life. Mostly, technologies are used without a comprehensive knowledge and the ulterior motive of those who advocates them.

Technology has become less about making life effortless and more about complicating it. The economics driven philosophy is raking in revenue from the users.

The developers are developing them because they have a career in it and also due to lucrative remuneration. It’s all about the profit without being aware of the impending losses in the long run.

Like modern life, today’s technology lacks any deeper philosophy. Minds associated with technology are traveling in the different trajectories are deprived of scientific temperament.

Most of the technology which has pervaded our life is undesirable, but never fail to lure the masses. Branding and strategic marketing ensure visibility, to create a craving to acquire them.

We are dealing with more technology than we can comprehend. They are altering the mindset and even lifestyle of people. Over-sharing of life is becoming a reality and even influenced by the undesirable role models who has larger than life presence. They have business interests in these technologies.

Eventually, we are paying a heavy price for such technologies. They do keep us connected all the time and creates a make-believe life in the virtual world. With such overexposure, we are losing out on forming a strong bond with our loved ones. Distractions are enhancing ‘technological narcissism’.

Technology should have a philosophy to improve the quality of life and not otherwise.

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