Literature and Readers

Literature, with deep philosophical concepts, is read with reluctance at first. There is palpable nervousness while reading them and whether to believe some ideas which are contrary to the existing ones.

The mind becomes repetitive and draws a boundary within which it likes to think upon. Going beyond that is rarely thought of and requires immense courage. A philosophy which leaves a deep impression on the mind takes the time to sink in entirely, is challenged with existing reasoning and knowledge.

Such philosophy pushes the mind towards a nervous phase which compels to think beyond the existing boundary and inadvertently discard old thoughts and prejudices. Revolutionary writings find niche readers because they challenge stereotypes and reflect the truth like a mirror. It causes discomfort after the initial reading.

Any writing should not be a medley of impressive vocabulary and jargons. They may look good on print but have fewer reasons to impress the readers. The underlying philosophy or the soul of any writing should be fresh and vibrant, also challenging enough to hold the attention of the readers.

There is no hurry for the writing or philosophy to be accepted immediately and will rarely find popularity at the initial stage. It will slowly permeate, over a period of time, before it even catches the attention of a larger group of readers. It should compel one to explore the unexplored areas of life and the greater possibilities.

Writing should not be the medium of reiterating what has already been written before; it should open the mind to new vistas. Stop focusing on the ‘I’ and propose ideas and philosophies which focus on the ‘we’. The ‘I’ kind of writing turn into an ‘idolizing biography’, speaking about personal challenges and triumphs.

Sparingly use references and quotes of the greats; they have already been discussed and researched through the ages. They will always be the guiding factor, no doubt, but come up with fresh inferences to propose new thoughts and ideologies.

A great piece of writing brings in a wave of possibilities to deluge the mind with hope, to look forward to the future with zest.

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