Of Silence

There is more life in silence Than you can imagine Make sense of the quietude Without dependency of the words Pure feelings are articulated As silence conveys with clarity Feel the entire universe Elevated mind floats in ecstasy The aura shines brighter An enlightening presence in silence Without the distractions This is a different journey Through the endless realms of tranquility© Continue reading Of Silence

Our Perceptions and Reasoning

We have devised a course of reasoning that depends entirely on the perceptions we have. These perceptions are randomly construed, based on our everyday experiences. Relying more on the visual evidence, we give a cursory attention to details we pick up from fleeting moments. Such perceptions depend on our state of mind at that particular point in time. When we calmly ponder over the same … Continue reading Our Perceptions and Reasoning

Nature’s Transformation

When all the visible substance loses substance there will be a mere façade as the inner world becomes hollow. The outer appearance reflects a conflicting image of robustness; held by the layers of paint, the coatings barely provide any immunity from decay. The pivots have shifted, giving a new spin to the entire existence. Wobbly, the hollowness reverberates within but goes undetected by the senses. There is … Continue reading Nature’s Transformation

Unfortunate Saga

Defacing the masterpiece With our arrogance and stupidity Modern dreams To disfigure the landscapes Claim to fame Through slandering avenues Epoch of rapid degradation Education, a farce We are inking our destruction Indelible blotches on the canvas We claim innocence In the guise of repeating mistakes Dalliance with ignorance A regular affair of gratification Echoes the incredulous behavior Laziness and gluttony The virtues, driving modernity … Continue reading Unfortunate Saga