From Darkness to Light

Different intensity of darkness collides to form a passionate and profound avatar. There is greater mystery and mysticism when the floating particles coalesce to form an eternal bond. There is no negativity here, light being held captive, till this realm is comprehended.

Cosmic energy is at its peak, which has no measure. One primary core gives birth to many low-intensity cores, to distribute the energy of such magnitude. This is the space where time has no significance and all consciousness comes to a standstill.

There is a medley of fusion and fission, a continuous flow of energy; exhibiting the supremacy of darkness. As the circumference expands to claim new territories in the cosmic realm, many histories are being obliterated and new world’s birthed for the future.

Everything seems still, yet there is so much activity taking place; there is an unfamiliar vibe that is trying to communicate. New particles and elements are birthed, to form new futuristic ecosystems. Each ecosystem, a world that has life, pulsates to get into a rhythm.

They are still connected to the original core through an intricate network, to resonate with the same intensity. From supreme darkness is birthed new worlds; the light being held captive is released to shine upon the new worlds.

Stillness here does not mean lack of mobility, but an extensive contemplative phase to design and execute a complex plan. Energy is conserved, which grows exponentially; the aura reaches an unfathomable luminosity. Energy stabilizes when there are interconnectedness and an underlying eternal balance.

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