In our Journey

We have begun our journey

Beyond the boundary where felicity ends

Trampling upon the knowledge ancient

Bade goodbye to the world of bliss

Cosmic world watched over us in stoic silence

Our journey, without a purpose or reasons fair

We walk towards the nameless altar

Without realizing the grace of cosmic world

Void in the heart and mind is deafening

Rearward pedants constraints the eternal mind

Unsure journey, with hesitant steps we march ahead

Many splendors and riches of life left behind

Forfeiting the claim to a fulfilling life

The voice within has become feeble

None to guide us to the world of Truth

Submerged in the superficial glories and dreams

Who shall awaken the Force?

The divine voice to guide us again towards the right path

Before, our search for grandiose illusion annihilates us©

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