In a Blank Page

You can travel miles across the blank pages, without getting exhausted. There are no limitations and an unknown force inspires you to seek. You can immerse yourself, without drowning; the deeper you go, you come across new revelations. The soul of a blank page is pure and not judgmental and accepts all your thoughts with open arms. Once you feel the embrace of a blank … Continue reading In a Blank Page

Scripting Destiny

When you run ahead at a frantic pace Leaving behind true opportunities Carefully thought of by destiny Looking back, rueing the missed chances Karma wields the desecrating force Only indulgence, leaving soul and mind in the cold Drowning in depths of desires Patience is not a virtue anymore, more wants Scripting destiny without life’s knowledge There’s much to learn about universe’s wisdom To prepare for … Continue reading Scripting Destiny

Transient Phases

Kingdoms’ fortunes change With the slow and unsure swirl As symmetries shift with universe’s consent Our spirits take time to realize Senses feel the course of transient phases Fortune takes a twist with paramount drifts Nature comes alive in a new avatar The veils of secrecy are withdrawn A new vista stirs the mind and soul Grandeur of the eternal existence In-between the transience, we … Continue reading Transient Phases

The Traveler’s Moments

The mountain does not deter me There’s a fascinating waterfall Cascading down in breathless wonder Sparkling with true happiness The harmonic sound allures the senses A continuous flow of life Bejeweled necklace with sparkling diamonds Mellifluous surrounding, a pleasant retreat Incessant blessing erupts from stolid silence Wonder, the mystical charm That transforms the mountainous crevices With the most tender moments An imposing presence of meditative profoundness … Continue reading The Traveler’s Moments