In a Blank Page

You can travel miles across the blank pages, without getting exhausted. There are no limitations and an unknown force inspires you to seek. You can immerse yourself, without drowning; the deeper you go, you come across new revelations.

The soul of a blank page is pure and not judgmental and accepts all your thoughts with open arms. Once you feel the embrace of a blank page, you will not miss the chance to visit it every day.

Any trajectory you wish to walk on, the blank page offers you space. It’s a sacred altar, where you spell your deepest thoughts. Here is a listener, who can continue listening to your storytelling, until you fall asleep.

I believe the blank page is an eternal space, where the soul becomes vibrant and an eager heart is prepared to share all the emotions. It encourages the mind to embark on new adventures; to wander along this path, without getting tired.

It offers the freedom to let your imaginations run amok and pen down fiercely, with insanity. From such insanity is birthed new adventures and words flow to create literature. The innate desires of life come alive here, and you have a grand stage to portray your Art.

Creativity starts with a blank page. Staring at it, you acquire the power to draw the entire universe to descend here. Every word, carrying your impassioned feelings adorns the page forever.

This is your chance to experience infinite freedom and travel a vagabond. Later, when you wish to pause and rest, you can recite the lines to reminisce the journey. The open-mindedness and energy of the blank page are unparalleled.

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