The Interpreter

We have lost the interpreter’s words Eloquent meanings of love foregone There’s none to speak the divine tongue Love, suspended in an unknown world Sometimes the wind murmurs the inaudible Dialect that is indistinct now O’ lovers, thou shall not know the precious words To experience the bliss and eternal charm Pale hue of love does not brighten the Soul Language long forgotten, words lay scattered … Continue reading The Interpreter

Solitude’s Invite

Accept solitude’s invite A world enveloped in silence Serenity dwells here forever Inspiring the soul and mind to connect Drawing amazing thoughts Enlightening the mind with knowledge Closed eyes, with a searching gaze Looks beyond the existence of the self Reminiscing the events of many ages Traveling beyond time through myriad maze Gathering the wealth of knowledge eternal Scaling the highest pinnacles Earth’s heart narrates … Continue reading Solitude’s Invite