Eternal Mirror

Your actions mould the mirror Reflecting your inner thoughts It does not shatter Constantly reminding you the course Negatives or Positives Thou shall reap the benefits Of a fulfilling or distraught life Be thoughtful when you nurture the paradise If you wish, not to tread on barren land Eternal mirror reflects the testimony© Continue reading Eternal Mirror

Unfulfilled Promises

A minor adjustment  By the meditative universe Causes immense upheaval Omnipresent vision Presides over the changes We do not care The precision of ancient plan Enamored by the self Deviating from an eternal routine Inviting the problems Our creations are discomforting Represents the confabulations As many questions will raise their voice We do not have answers Other than unfulfilled promises© Continue reading Unfulfilled Promises

The Citadel

The unfair world Constructs the mightiest citadel On the foundations of insecurity No ground is high enough Confined within the chambers Distanced from reality Miniature, the world becomes The world shrinks unwillingly Frantically, life runs within four walls Promised a life of eternity False dreams rein the soul’s freedom Stone walls are the only audience High ceilings are mistaken for the sky Soul is scantily … Continue reading The Citadel

Beautiful Evening Saga

Evening walks in from a distant land Wee hours of twilight is here To welcome the weary traveler For, evening finds solace to settle down Sweet aroma of evening lingers in the air Twinkling footsteps will adorn night’s canopy Nature’s transformation is a wonder The soul is astir with anticipation Night will finally be here with the dreams Tremulous joy passes through the heart To retire, … Continue reading Beautiful Evening Saga