Experience Freedom for Real

The word ‘freedom’ is widely misconstrued. I believe, when you can extricate yourself from the trappings of the prejudices, materialistic pleasures, and the urge to indulge in the false allures of this world, you experience real freedom.

Be free from the common definitions and the constricted path that has been chosen for you. Talking about freedom and comprehending the various definitions of ‘freedom’, won’t make you free.

Similarly, doing yoga, does not make one a ‘yogi’, because yoga is a lifestyle dedicated in spiritualism and one is supposed to lead a life of austerity. Talking about various fields of spirituality won’t make one spiritual either.

If one can free the mind to concentrate on the ways of the universe and tries to find out about the purpose of this existence, it will throw some light on the purpose of life on this earth.

A purposeless journey without self-realization brings agony, as we choose from the world we see every day. Humanity has created myriad distractions, without applying a scientific and enlightened mind.

The source of jealousy, pride, aggression, physical pleasures, extreme behaviors, psychological problems, originates from the scant knowledge about life and the real purpose of existence. When we are not informed and knowledgeable, we cannot choose wisely.

All kinds of abuse perpetrated by human beings are due to insecurity that comes from the vague idea of life and without self-realization. We fall for the negative things in life, choose them with being aware of the consequences, and we call them our mistakes.

It is common sense; a negative choice/action will always lead to negative consequences. Learning from mistakes committed from the long existence of humanity is not our prerogative.

Harboring negative thoughts in the mind is debilitating and is incapable of thinking positively. The mind being the most powerful source to acquire knowledge now indulges in the thought of self-abuse or doing so to others.

The word, ‘Karma’ has been overused and almost become a cliché, but it has its roots based in profound knowledge. You actions or karma will have consequences, depending upon the type of actions you indulge in.

Every action of yours helps shape you and the destiny. If you want to be bound in the chains of limitations and negative karma, it’s your choice, but there is no freedom from the appropriate consequences you are destined for.

One can break free from the vicious cycle by waking up the soul to look for real freedom and walk away from the temptations and indulgences. Falling for temptations will give you momentary pleasure, but in actuality, they scar your soul and lead to endless agony.

Try to understand the real meaning of freedom. It is to lead a life without the many distractions and acquire the eternal knowledge to empower the minds of the future.

Let your life be a wonderful experience, so people may wish to learn from you. We believe freedom to do what we want and desire, but true freedom means making life more meaningful without the false trappings.

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  1. So very true. Until we can let go of all humanly desires that are not of natural form and go out with nature to feel the real life force energy that is so infinite, boundless and extraordinary, do we realise less is more. A stunning piece. Resonated so much. Thank you x

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