The Commotion and Consequences

Commotion! There are loud noises due to raised voices and the decibel level goes higher, clamoring to express vague feelings in a state of stupor. All the feelings carry a sense of vulnerability, are poured into a cauldron; boiling with rage and insipid from lack of consideration for other souls that dwell around. The cauldron will slowly corrode from the vitriolic sentiments and seep through … Continue reading The Commotion and Consequences

The Plan of the Universe

If the universe has not intended to legitimize any action, any attempt to override the plan is malefic. We may, from our vague understanding of life (contrary to the truth) continue to boldly go ahead with our plan can cause a major crisis and blockage in growth for the entire life. We trivialize an eternal blessing by revolting against the truth. We may evoke any … Continue reading The Plan of the Universe

Embraced by Dreams

The dreams that you weave With inspirations of the mind Gathered from life’s experiences Universe waits patiently Till you unfurl the woven fabric Life adorned with the motifs Each strand of fabric interwoven with trust Simplicity of design is ultimate finery Warmth of purity provides solace to the soul Any season it may be, you travel with pride Life depends on the nature of dreams … Continue reading Embraced by Dreams