The Plan of the Universe

If the universe has not intended to legitimize any action, any attempt to override the plan is malefic. We may, from our vague understanding of life (contrary to the truth) continue to boldly go ahead with our plan can cause a major crisis and blockage in growth for the entire life. We trivialize an eternal blessing by revolting against the truth.

We may evoke any supernatural force to pardon us and ask for a legitimacy of the defiant act, a wish never granted. An act of defiance disturbs the entire harmony and puts the self in conflict with the cosmic power.

The entire phase of defiance alters the course of life into a twisted labyrinth, devoid of light. The hollow passages will echo the events and remind the soul of comeuppance.

An impulsive act (which affects many lives in a negative way) is never planned and does not have the consent of universe and soul. Living in continuous denial and expecting a pardon remains an unfulfilled dream and invites undesirable fate.

One thought on “The Plan of the Universe

  1. The universe has a plan. We were born into it. Once we find it, we are drawn into its sequence and bring about its intended completion. This is the greatest joy. Defiance and manipulation of the plan does not blot out the plan, instead, it blots out that which moves contrary to its nature.

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