The Healing Sound

The mellow humming sound was distinctly audible, but the origin was inexplicable. It encompassed the entire dimension and was reverberating all around. The sound waves were playful and brought a sense of rare freedom and happiness.

All of Nature’s beings and the wilderness became silent, trying to fathom the unusual sound; giving more emphasis on the distant phenomenon. It stirred the void that existed earlier and filled it with anticipation.

The sound travelled in a measured way and had precise pauses in between. It was soothing to the ears and evoked the sense to a new dimension of existence. None of the manmade instruments were capable of creating a sound of this nature.

It had a tranquil effect on nature, which is usually very boisterous and playful at this time of the day. The cloak of mysticism enraptured every little life form. Maybe, the Souls of the earth has woken up to a new realization and the senses have been rejuvenated by the divine sound.

It could be the chanting of a new mantra to start a new way of life causing the interconnected channels to flow with harmonious waves. The mellow humming sound restored faith in truth and purpose of the journey, also healing the wounds of unrestricted lifestyle.

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