Truth of Writing

Any piece of writing should excite the soul. Words should be chosen to narrate a deep philosophy of life which wakes up the psyche and allows new perspectives and the truth to manifest itself emphatically. There is no charm in meek writing that is soon forgotten among the regular and mundane. Writing, supported by sound philosophy and critical thinking, makes writing worthwhile. ~Amitav Continue reading Truth of Writing

Celebratory Morning

Morning clouds parted in silence The Sun nudging them to drift away For its time to announce arrival of dawn Cloud linings like golden ribbons floated Finally, the Sun came in full view Tips of leaves held the light adroitly Positive energy of each soul welcomes this light Morning hour, a meditative moment in Nature The warmth in the Soul is divine blessing It’s time to … Continue reading Celebratory Morning

A Face among the Crowd

A face among the crowd Looks so familiar, although you’ve never met The eyes sparkling with clarity Exceptional radiance inspires your eyes To hold the attention of the gaze Look through the window to discover another world Innocence does have a strong hold on the heart The crowd around soon starts to blur As you notice the genuine smile Subliminal messages are exchanged to attract … Continue reading A Face among the Crowd