Wander across the Sky

When the eyes wander across the sky Stars eager to narrate their story O’ night dweller, care to listen? Brightness of many Suns sparkle Peek into their heart, glowing with eternal flame Many skies, a seamless space visible at night Every star birthed has a divine brightness Open the mind to correspond with all Travel many galaxies, an interstellar experience Thy soul will plot the … Continue reading Wander across the Sky

Universal Experience

There is an entire universe I embrace Transcendence gives credence to new meaning When worldly distractions fade away Falling down the cosmic whirl is exhilarating From the depths, life will reach the ultimate zenith Various avatars of me congregate to unite Multi-dimensional facets correspond with stars Each, coordinate to plot the universe’s plan Millions of years of journey, a timeless voyage The tranquil core of the … Continue reading Universal Experience