The Manufactured Life

This planet has become a manufacturing hub. Every age has its uniqueness and ours are expressed with a lack of intent. We are here to manufacture- emotions, feelings, relationships, and most importantly join the manufacturing race to create more products to entertain us. Real feelings and emotions are disregarded and such souls are branded losers. Our materialistic pursuit has become the cause of someone else’s … Continue reading The Manufactured Life

The Magic of Nature

Landscapes are adorned with melange of colors Displaying the deep-rooted sentiments of a region Yet, nature is interconnected subliminally Changing colors as seasons sprinkle magic Visible exuberance and benevolent spirit are blessings Dazzling the vision with intricate details Regenerating life with the blessing of Immortal mantra Adjusting to the ways of the Sun and the Moon Divine light penetrates the soul of each life to … Continue reading The Magic of Nature