The Manufactured Life

This planet has become a manufacturing hub. Every age has its uniqueness and ours are expressed with a lack of intent.

We are here to manufacture- emotions, feelings, relationships, and most importantly join the manufacturing race to create more products to entertain us. Real feelings and emotions are disregarded and such souls are branded losers.

Our materialistic pursuit has become the cause of someone else’s financial gain. We are manufacturing everything at a rapid pace and forgetting the human and humane touch.

Our attention span has become sparse and we lose interest in everything quickly. Everything has a shorter expiry date and we tend to discard the old with disdain.

We manufacture emotions and feelings to seem legitimate in the ever changing scenario presented by the world. More calculative minds seek profit in everything.

Very rarely, real emotions are respected and given the attention it deserves. We do not look for quality anymore but for quantity, which adds to the clutter. We have the amount of clutter resembling heaps of rubbish.

Minimalism is scorned at, and we think acquiring materialistic things is ostentatious. Instead, the side-effects of such lifestyle are- negative emotions, sinister feelings, anger and aggression, and propensity to fabricate and manipulate, which makes life perplexing.

It seems, our emotions, thought process, and ideologies of life are controlled. Manufactured feelings are infused into the psyche. Being easily waylaid, it triggers the desired response, as planned by the minds behind it.

The minds are being controlled to deliver a reaction, which is mostly based on pseudo-knowledge and starts a chain reaction which jeopardizes the already fragile relationship in society to create animosity between fellow humans.

Our weakest moments are that we have such superficial knowledge about relationships with another human being. We trivialize love and relationships and act according to the media’s projection and misrepresentation of such sacred bonds.

We cannot forge meaningful relationships and are increasingly becoming intolerant. The biggest failure of our time is that we have made a mockery of relationships.

We buy into any propaganda, without analyzing a situation and the idea behind it, because we have become adept at following. We have perfected the art of conforming to faulty ideas and also work to further such cause.

We are not achieving anything in life but spending time to further someone else’s ambition without being privy to the ulterior motive behind such efforts. We are walking laboriously through a dark tunnel without the knowledge of an exit route.

Evaluating twenty-four hours in one’s life will give a reasonable idea (if one wishes to take that effort to analyze) about the purpose of it and whether one is working towards a solid cause.

When money has become the yardstick for success and more and more are falling for this illusion, making a complete mockery of the essence of being human with brains, which can ably do some critical thinking.

We are driven by media and obsessively devour any news and propaganda, in the bargain losing our identity. Real life failures, projected as role models of society are the result of carefully crafted icons by image consulting agencies.

These are major public relation stunts to make them acceptable and urge us to emulate the lifestyle or even follow them blindly. Not all successes are real but regardless of the fact we chose to remain devoted to such ideas.

We are becoming a liability and such influences cuts across any age group; our relationships and existence are showing signs of fragility and silent surrender.

2 thoughts on “The Manufactured Life

  1. Stuck in a rut, a dangerous one that gives momentary sense of relief but does not hold any good as a whole. Conformance and the need to fit in being priority. And without which one cannot survive easily, not to mention other wont allow it either. It’s like drug addiction.

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