The Thinking Space and Eternal Possibilities

The thinking space is becoming smaller and the mind feels claustrophobic. Space is getting crammed with delusional ideologies and events whose origins are doubtful. An offshoot of such philosophies and theories are influencing the mind in a negative way, creating immense displeasure to the mind and soul. Although, this may be a reality, there are not many who want to contradict the existing fallacies and … Continue reading The Thinking Space and Eternal Possibilities

Life is Joyous

Walking along the untrodden paths Everything seems fair to the eyes The fresh air lifts the spirit high Sparkling streams soothe the parched soul Sky, shining bright with divine rays There is nothing hidden from the heart Clarity of vision gives faith in the journey None to interrupt the world of solitude Love is cherished in the warm embrace Life along the untrodden path is … Continue reading Life is Joyous

Through Conscious Fields

Traveling through the higher conscious fields Miniature minds cannot fathom the magnitude Thinking from the superficial angles Askew seems everything when in a different trajectory Taking pride in the depth of ignorance Any advancement is a step closer to oblivion  We are captive of our own designs and limitations Fear of surrendering to life, we are on a warpath Life has recoiled to conceal the … Continue reading Through Conscious Fields

Tranquil Blue

Calling of the tranquil blue Reflecting the myriad perspectives of life Communicating with the spirit in many expressions The calmness energizes the aura Illuminating with the brightness of inner peace Running through the mind to spark off consciousness Evoking the senses to send out subliminal messages Expansive blue gives direction to the soul Wisdom flows through the existence in blue© Continue reading Tranquil Blue