The Road Ahead

The ill-effects of modern education is slowly and surely showing its sinister side. Manufacturing minds with some misdirected ideologies are found everywhere and the future seems to be in unstable hands. We have a leadership vacuum, as there is no in-depth thinking; the inability to analyze situations from a neutral and long-term perspective is allowing erratic decisions to be taken seriously for implementation. Lack of … Continue reading The Road Ahead

Ethereal Landscape

The captive feelings flow freely Lamentations have given way to happiness Sky smiled in silent approval Lunar brightness awashes the soul with light O’Heaven, you have opened a new world An awakened soul experiences gleam of hope Ethereal landscape filled with frolicking air Ready to welcome the cheerful soul Transcendent existence through eternity For here, the heart shall repose with gratitude© Continue reading Ethereal Landscape

Secret of Happiness

What conspires at the horizon The Sun retires so calmly at eventide Assuring the eager eyes of a new morn Wonder what secret the sea holds As the sky droops to kiss thee For a distant admirer, the magic unfolds Riches of the seas are still unknown Matching the enigma of the firmament Unfathomable are both the worlds Playful waves with childlike glee give hope Molten gold … Continue reading Secret of Happiness