The Changing Landscapes

When the trees have been sacrificed Bidding farewell to the ancient roots Severing the trunks to expose the concentric worlds For many secret cosmic codes were preserved Now lost forever to the greed before being deciphered The crown of foliage bestowed by Nature Worthy to chronicle the affairs of the landscapes Ecosystem of roots ran deep to an interconnected world Secret messages of life traveled far … Continue reading The Changing Landscapes

Contrived Feelings

Contrived feelings translate The most potent words into diminutive scribbling Strained syllables create a literary mayhem  Sounding phonetically incorrect to the senses Disjointed correspondence is a misery As lines resemble undulating territories Strewn with rough gravel along the path Amalgamation of few words without thought A concoction of distorted feelings on paper Only to be forgotten and relinquished forever© Continue reading Contrived Feelings

Comprehending Darkness

The dark side of nature Is a phase to rest the soul When light is absorbed To sponge the softness And invite sleep For the mind can dream The awakened subconscious To choose the path ahead For dawn shall ask for directions Darkness is not negativity Humanity describes it But spirituality needs darkness To complete the circle of life Many misdirected souls Perceive darkness to … Continue reading Comprehending Darkness